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Solenkraft - Powering Communities, Businesses, and Homes

Solenkraft SE is your partner in providing efficient clean energy solutions for households, small businesses, and corporations. Our portfolio includes not only solar panels and inverters but also charging stations for electric vehicles, insulation technologies, and advanced eco-friendly heating systems. Sustainable development is not just a phrase for us, but a true commitment that shapes our corporate philosophy. We are dedicated to ensuring that our activities benefit not only us but also future generations and society as a whole.


From the beginning, despite its young history, Solenkraft SE has been backed by a dynamic and professionally competent team, comprising professionals with a decade of experience in photovoltaic systems and energy efficiency, as well as enthusiastic talents with numerous certifications who have a constant desire to learn and develop. We are proud of our references and the quality of work we provide, whether as a main contractor or subcontractor. Each project represents an opportunity for us to deliver meaningful and high-quality work.


In 2024, Solenkraft SE expanded its operations by merging several smaller businesses from Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia. The main investor and board member is Mgr. Jan Skřivánek, who has a successful entrepreneurial history since 1995. Previously focused mainly on the information technology sector, he is now increasingly investing in renewable energy and sustainable projects.


Quality Brands Driving Our Solar Commitment

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